Our Mission

To design, develop, produce, commercialize and distribute commercial, industrial, automotive and marine lubricants; solvents, greases, additives, polymers and specialties of the highest qualities in the American continent, using as our reference the best practices of Canadian businesses.

To offer consulting services to our clients during their use of the products we distribute in order to achieve optimal results in performance, with innovation always in mind, and with the implementation of the best environmental policies and sustainable development.

Our Vision

To become the leading multinational company, mainly in the downstream segment of manufacture and development of oil derivatives characterized by the values of excellence, technical knowledge and the ethical principles of Canadian companies in the hydrocarbons sector. We are committed to the care of the environment and sustainable development.

Our Values

Each member of SMI Petroleum Canada stands-out for sharing 6 elements in common:

  • Ethics in the decision-making process and in the relationships established with the business environment actors.
  • Professionalism determined by a deep knowledge of the hydrocarbons activity in the Latin American Caribbean market. At SMI Petroleum Canada we value academic performance and work experience.
  • Agility, understood as the ability to utilize resources adequately and obtain the best results.
  • Commitment to each and every one of the actors that are directly or indirectly related to us.
  • Creativity and innovation to satisfy our company’s own needs, and in that or our clients and business relationships.
  • Respect for the environment and sustainable development in agreement with the need to protect future generations. Our ultimate commitment is to preserve the environment and the sustainable development policies.